About us

Today we’re working on Kerb, which has the potential to solve problems for a billion drivers.

We’re interested in all kinds of topics and have great conversations around them that we’d like to share with you.

Mark Scales

I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and have spent the first 15 years of my professional career working in consulting (initially 10 years with a Big4 firm). I’ve also taken a chance at small retail business (brick and mortar) and then wound up in banking and financial services. Throughout my career I’ve had a strong interest in technology companies and have worked in a couple of ‘side-gig’ ventures with Matt for most of my adult life.

Why am I interesting?

Compared to Matt you could say that I have the more ‘traditional’ experience in business. I’ve worked in consulting, audit and assurance roles, considered organisational risk management and strategy and supported Executive Management and the Boards of many private companies and Government entities.

Matthew Salmon

I was at university studying the interaction between computers and technology at the start of the iPhone, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ve worked on the front lines while the internet entered the air and became the world. I’m a designer, developer, operator, problem solver, and strategist.

Why am I interesting?

I like to make stuff, and I see the world from a maker’s perspective. The intersection of my thinking around building our way into the future and Mark’s ability to play a wide game should make for great reading!