The Netflix slip

I have a hypothesis about why Netflix notched it’s first backslide in the US this week.

Their interface is terrible. What use case is this designed for? Back to basics, here’s what I think they need to be looking at:

  1. I’m in the middle of watching a series. Show me more!
  2. I’m finished, find me something new to watch!
  3. It’s a Saturday night, what are the latest hit movies?

Right now the main screen is a giant scrolling in all directions grid that presents far too many options.

Every time we sit down and open Netflix we spend the first 30 minutes trying to find something to watch. I cannot believe that a renowned data driven company isn’t seeing this as a major issue.

This is the critical inflection point for the company. They’re drowning in their own race to more content and the algorithms don’t know how to define better content.