The sprint to confusion

An interesting observation about writing software: you go and you go and you go, you build as fast as you can, you keep going, because the thing you’re working on isn’t real and doesn’t exist until you get it into the world.

And you slog through the valley of despair. You think it works! Watch out though: the swarm is coming. All the bugs start literally falling out in front of you. The edge cases abruptly start to bite. You keep going through bleary eyes, because it must become real.

And then with an overwhelming sense of relief, you ship it. It’s not as good as you know it could be, it’s not as great as it will be next month, but at last you can rest.

It’s this point right here that I find to be the strangest.

You don’t quite know what to do next.

You want to hide from the part you just shipped, hoping that you didn’t miss anything, hoping that it works in the world.

At some point, when your brain is ready, the cycle will begin again.

You wait. You wait for the rush.

Zip zip!